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Boeing 767-400ER

The 767-400ER is the final extended variant and was launched in 1997 on an order for Delta Air Lines and Continental Airlines to replace their aging Lockheed L-1011 andMcDonnell Douglas DC-10 fleets, respectively, following both airlines rejection of Boeing's previous 777-100X proposal. Other airlines also placed orders, but these were eventually canceled or converted to other Boeing models.[46] The 767-400ER is a major development over the 767-300. The -400ER was stretched 21.1 ft (6.43 m) from the -300 for a total of 201.4 ft (61.4 m). It also featured a new glass cockpit, redesigned wings with a wingspan increase of 14.3 ft (4.36 m) over the previous two variants, larger passenger windows, new passenger cabin and redesigned landing gear. The -400ER is the only 767 variant to also feature "raked" wingtips for increased fuel efficiency. Its first flight was on October 9, 1999,[47] and entered into service with Continental Airlines on September 14, 2000. This variant is only available as the 767-400ER, as there was no 767-400 variant. However it has less range than the other two ER variants.

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