петак, 13. август 2010.

Boeing 737-600

The 737-600 replaced the 737-500 in Boeing's line up, and was also intended to replace airlines' DC-9s. The 737-600 was launched by Scandinavian Airlines System in 1995 with the first aircraft delivered on September 18, 1998. The -600 is the only Boeing 737 still in production that does not include winglets as an option. WestJet was to be the Boeing launch customer for the 737-600 with winglets, but announced in their Q2 2006 results that they were not going to move ahead with those plans.
The 737-600 competes with the Airbus A318Embraer 195, and the upcoming Bombardier CSeries jet. A total of 69 -600s have been delivered with no unfilled orders as of 2009.

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